“Let them hate, so long as they fear!”

Sign displayed in Police Car

“Oderint dum metuant”, was a favourite quote of the Roman emperor Caligula. More worryingly, it was also the original slogan of the nazi organisation and website Redwatch, which publishes the personal details of anti-racists, trade unionists and left-wingers, with the clear implication that their targets should live in fear. An interesting slogan for the police to use, particularly considering their official line of “community policing” and “policing by consent”.

Interesting, also, that the slogan should make its appearance on the day of the protest outside the Tory Party Conference. last Sunday (3rd October), Because, unlike the demonstrations at Labour Party conferences over the last few years, where we marched right past and delegates sometimes watched us from the steps of the conference centre, the Tory Party conference was literally surrounded by a wall of steel.

Barricades around the conference

These very real barricades, could also be seen as symbolising a new (or very old) form of politics. This is not the politics of politicians who pose as ordinary kinda guys. This is the politics of the castle, placed up on the hill to spread fear among the people, and the armed band who are there to enforce the lords will.

A little hyperbole there, perhaps, but a grain of truth. And what is clear is that, if we don’t resist, the divisions will only grow.


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