The cute of Cthulhu

Recently, for the first time, I read some of the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Many writers have been influenced by him, and thought I should give the original a go. If you’re looking for visceral horror of the modern sort, they will probably disappoint. However, I found them to be very well written and intelligent, particularly in the treatment of the Elder Things and their city in At the Mountains of Madness.

At more or less the same time, I decided to give crochet another go. I was taught to knit by my aunt, over 25 years ago, and then taught myself to crochet. I was pleased, therefore, to find a way of combining geeky interests and needlecraft, when I stumbled across the Cthulhu Crochet blog. This site has a number of excellent and free patterns, including several versions of amigurumi Cthulhus, as well as the Bone cousins from Jeff Smith’s comic series of the same name.

So, here is my first attempt at a crocheted homage to the High Priest of the Elder Ones and master of the dark city of R’lyeh:

Cthulhu amigurumi


One Response to “The cute of Cthulhu”

  1. mauvedeity Says:

    That is quite cute! I wouldn’t want to risk the wrath of the Elder Gods though, so I’d be careful if I were you!

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